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Back to Life (Sound Storm)

In that stormy night. i'll fulfill my dreams Time now has come, you know what i mean My vision is real My theory was not just illusion It's raining outside. i'm ready to try Thunders and lighting now lashing the sky Power! it's full! now, come hack to life! Life goes on still in you You'll see the light, my son Revival of your death And you can see the sun A burst of light's flashing my eyes Power of lighting lits up the night Lying dead yet Not even a sign of life The storm rages again Another attempt I'm ready to try again and again Power! it's full! now come hack to life I'm just a fool What is your destiny? My son A new life is born Back from the abyss of hell To view again the daylight A new life is born Back from the abyss of hell But there's something strange In his eyes