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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Seven Veils (Sound Storm)

Shine with passion her sweet lips, Flowing her blonde hair (the) scent of roses fills the air Dance now. princess I'm passing sad. tonight Dance now, for me Tonight i feel so down inside Dance now. princess (i) do not let. (i) beg you again Dance now. for me I will satisfy all your desire "Salomè" "your pleasure, my veils are out My lips, my hips, my skin is yours" All you want is him I'll cut his head and you will dance It's over, why do you care about this man Just one wish for all my life Danza per me. delizia il tuo re Il sole e la luna saranno tuoi, Oro e argento quanto vorrai Danzano i veli sui fianchi suoi Mia dolce salomè Now, you're the one for me Living my destiny You're closed in my dreams again You will dance for me Paying for my sins I his will be our secret Dance now...