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The Curse of the Moon (Sound Storm)

I flee from you When the moon is shining among the stars (this is the curse of the moon) She deceives my eyes, deceives my senses Her light makes me so wild What she created makes my shadow burning Made my soul standing in the valley of the dead What she donated is my heart bleeding, Made my soul standing in the valley of the dead Now the moon is rising again, Slowly charming my gaze My curse takes it's course, again I flee from you when i feel your scent, Blend with my mind When you're leaving your crypt, Touched by the moon Your skins burn for me Moonlight, shining bright so high, You are the sun of the dead Damned Keeper of my destiny Moonlight, shining bright so high Living your curse again There is no difference between man and beast And nobody cares, you know, that i'm here for you Hearing my howl in the night I know. i've tried to disappear, Fraught with my rage Hounded by everyone i met I know, you will not forgive, It's my life to live Now you run away, far away from me You're hearing my howl, now, I am the beast This is the curse of the moon I'm tasting your fear, now, Spread in the air You're facing the death, now I'm the mastiff of hell