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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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The Portrait (Sound Storm)

Part i-heaven A true dream, this new life Everything is new to me Youth is a treasure to me, my beauty will never die Time... this is my time Again and again i'm chasing my dreams I wish that my life didn't change Like a ship in the ocean. i sail in this world, to Discover Who really i am Under this face now, resting my soul Under this portrait, evil is born again My life has gone forever Piansi nere lacrime Senlo crescer i' odio nel mio cuor Part 2-hell You are a wrinkled face, which makes me sick Dried blood that soiled my life Look at my eyes, fill them of rage This is the price for your sins Don't look at me, unclean portrait Don't lie to me Back to hell to die Burn in llames with your lies Die! i don't wanna see you in my life Die! i don't wanna see you anymore Die! i'm just losing control Don't look at me, unclean portrait Don't look at me, again and again I see your grin Makes fun of me Go away from here. i'm just losing control