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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Kamikadze Lover (Elán)

D7 She was sitting little perplex Next to me, boy On her first late movie G7 Momma saying her hide these nine old stockings D7 Oh, man, did it knock me? A7 Couldn't tell a word Have a real disaster G7 Hmi7 So no way out but tryin' to love to say H7 A7 D7 C#7 D7 "Baby, see you la-ter" When I sit beside her School monday morning Her sweet smell makes me dizzy I'm sorry, teacher, Haven't heard he call me My brain straiked being so busy But let's there are in such position I really can't write my composition And must complete my mission G7 I swear next time I'll get my chance go D7 C#7 C7 H7 And won't be no way out E7 My plane got no buggin, I say A I know how to warm you up Hmi I won't stop till I'm sure G7 I'm your cherry, amore C#dim A My crashin' plane is ready for you D7 I'm kamikadze lover A7 D7 Kamikadze lover A7 D7 Kamikadze lover [: That's kamikadze lover... :]