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Love Addiction (Elán)

Ami G F Ami G F Ami F 1. I have cruised oceans now G/Emi oceans of dark desire Ami F I´m ready for your love G/Emi baptiste my fire Ami F Nothing can stop me now G/Emi I can accept it´s blown F Where I stand all alone E Don´t let me go 2. Love is a dirty word You´ve thaught me all about it Where I still love can bring one down Confusers everywhere Losers of baith No rules acceptable No dreams of hate F G Ami R: and my heaven´s fallin´ keeping your direction F G Ami love makes me blinded feels like a bad addiction F G Ami and heaven´s fallin´ keeping your direction F G Ami can you hear me calling? Ami G F Ami G F/Dmi 3. You make me loveseek maybe This is what you want baby I´ll never have enough of your unfaithfull love Please give me a chance Please give me your protection Pretend you need my loving Let´s make it all perfection My love´s a price on it Hidding a butterfly Meeting the killin´ lie It´s gonna love to die R: