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Belittled And Beaten Down (Chainsaw Daisy)

I feel better if I know I'm better than you you sad loser 'Cause you're just a pygmy who's shy Everyone knows that there's nothing that you say that makes Any sense but we'll take you along for the ride Belittled and beaten down You're just a puny annoyingly cutie who couldn't keep up With us no matter how hard you tired Leave the important things up to the big boys 'Cause you are amusing and we wouldn't want you to cry Belittled and beaten down Belittled and beaten down I have a slot I can fit into nicely or so I am told and I certainly struggle to try You and your oddly shaped squat little body and total naivete inspire laughter every time I watch my back now for twisted and gnarled little bitter souls who'd watch me die Belittled and beaten down Belittled and beaten down