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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Pink Flower (Chainsaw Daisy)

Wish wish I could be the real thing Real thing There'd be no put down Walk around as if you Know it's true If you knew I'd be soon cut down (cut down, cut down) Poor pink flower Poor pink flower Nervously I hold on to my chair Here the air is not so certain I am waiting for the sun to rise My oh my it looks so searing Ragged laughing I would flower I would flower if I could Lovely people go on by my dreams I'm so green I shake in my shoes Hoped I'd die I'd die before I'm old But poor and old I'd wish on no one No one Brave pink flower Brave pink flower Please please I've not yet grown tired of this Earthly life hey dear friends lets take a ride In the countryside ..... Pale pink flower