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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Take 'em as They Come (Springsteen Bruce)

Last night I dreamed we was running through the outlands Tears streaming, your pretty face all a wreck (I held your daddy's gun in my tremblin' hands And down the highway another stranger comes You gotta take 'em baby when they come. Little girl put on your best dress 'Cause we're goin' out on the town tonight (Better bring along your switchblades) 'Cause for sure some fool's gonna wanna fight You've got to take 'em baby as they come You gotta take 'em, take 'em as they come, girl Take 'em as they come, girl Take 'em as they come, girl Take 'em baby as they come God save the rider in the black night Save the man who taught that it was right To do what they have done To become what we have become You gotta take 'em when they come Little girl, gone are the days Faded away into a clear blue night And all the vows that we made Lie shattered and broken in the morning light