Coffee Break (Zeds Dead)

This song is for everyone Who tends to indulge a little While on their coffee break Ok my coffee break is me time, basically that's weed time My co-worker man she's fine, walks by I beeline In pursuit with no deny I'm on that ass like Levi's I told my boss to fuck off, middle finger no peace sign (bitch) Break time, so break that down Roll it up go head pass that around Light it up till they passing out Flow is rough, go head ask about Rip up tracks, lap around Laugh about how we I'm macking now Herbals out by the pound Are loud as fuck bitch how that sound? Drugs out here like gold I'm representing my home Marietta I am so blown So don't let me get in my zone She's reluctant of my brand, you know these dudes in bands Like my women like my coffee though, sweet and tan Shawty, ugh, yup she's falling for it Jumped on train yup all aboard I Spit slick like olive oil But she don't spit she swallow all She got me Heart is beating like rocky I fell in love just stop me Wait that's probably all of this molly I need some water; I think I took too much So somebody call a doctor, I think my heart just stop But check out my roster, and no this isn't luck I like my woman like my coffee, hot as fuck Break time, so break it down Make time, make you bounce Take mine, go head make my rounds Cake time lets make these pounds Shake down, get you out Fuck that skirt, loose that blouse 8 times, I think it went down Wait 9... I lost count Ok, ill admit I'm in a daze Last couple days been a haze When I blazed everything in my way Like a rat in a maze and I made it out now bitch I'm amazed Often baked on my coffee break Often late when I contemplate Your talk is great but it's awkwardly Marvin Gaye, no chardonnay I'm Back at it with a flow so sick Sick as fuck they don't hope I live Wordsmith you better hope I miss I'm High as fuck ayo co pilot Woodstock like Joan Biaz Count me out well they so biased Sleeping on me how dope I is Fuck all ya'll (Hold My Dick) Run and tell yo how I kill these beats They love me up in languages that I don't even speak Ok she was so intrigued I think she's form Belize So yes you can believe she was screaming (hi papi) And though it was intense I ain't spoken to her sense She even told her friends around me to watch her step But yo I'm dressed up to the 9's and She's looking like a 10 I met her at 11, and by 12 I was in [x3]