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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Big City Lights (Plazma)

You’re feeling lonely,feeling blue Quiet life is not for you And your soul seems to die It wanna fly ,it wanna fly You don’t fit in this small town And it really brings you down Pack your things in a carpetbag Leave the town and don’t look back Your parents never wanna lose you And you have never left’em to this day But such a deed is gonna prove you You’re strong enough to go your own way Big city lights at the end of your tunnel Open your eyes, it’s real, you’re still alive Big city lights... You’re very young now Big city lights... You’ll find a reason Feeling lonely, feeling down With a lotta friends around Listen to your burning heart Make a start, come make a start What a new day’s morning brings? You need room to spread your wings Idleness is killing you Tell me what you’re gonna do You know that you’re a child no longer Not what your parents wanted you to be You’re growing up, you’re growing stronger You’re doing right you gotta make’em see