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Love Is A Perfect Murder (Modern Day Escape)

She spread her legs That night Love was made I love her twisted games I love her twisted games Sweat rolls down your arm Cold breath An sick obsessions Bite my.... fucking... lip Til blood spills... from.... it Blood spills from it Blood spills Your love is a Perfect murder please Give me your disease Cose I'm begging On my knees Just Set me free Some will live Some will die tonight We've got a chance We live 4 these fights She stole my heart So.... I..... Took her keyes I left her car parked Between some trees I lit a match Then I started to laugh I Got a smile filled Angst and ashes No No Your Love is a Perfect murder Please give me your disiese Cose I'm begging on my knees Just set me free I never thought that I would see you like this lieng on you back pressed in a face to face In a pool sweat I never thought that I would see you like this Hands tied behind your back Blood running down your face in a pool of sweat and Of shame I love you I gave you everything How could you How could you Do this to me....