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Better (Austin Johnta)

Yea Uh (2x) Say What Right About This Time Ya'll Know What This Is So So Def Is In The Building Johnta Austin Is In The Building There's No Crew Stronger Then Us There's No Crew That Runs The Charts The Way We Do There's No Crew To Get The Ladies Exciited The Way We Do Matter Of Fact Ladies Let Me Talk To You Hold Up I Got Something That I Wanna Say So Nuff... You Damn Well I Aint Playin When I Say That I'm On To You What A Nigga Gotta Do To Get On To You Skip Dat... Tellin Me About Your Boyfriend Miss Dat... I Give A Damn About Your Boyfriend I've Already Told You Girl... May As Well Say Dat That Sitution Over Girl I Ain't Gotta Tell You That He Ain't What You Need But You Ain't Gotta Leave Him... But You Can Sleep With Me Give Me Five Minutes And I'll Bet You'll Stay The Night Right Now (Right Now 2x) I Can Hit It Better Than Your Man Can That's Right I Can Hit It Better Than Your Man Can (Shawty) That's Right Can't You See That'll Be What You Want What You'll Need(Ooooh) I Can Hit It Better Than Your Man Can That's Right I Can Hit It Better Then You Man Can (Oooh) Brace Yourself Let Me Show You How A Real Nigga Roll See I don't Play Ball But I Fuck Hard I Hit It Real Hard (Hit It Hit It Real Hard) Yeaa I Hit Your Brad (You Hit His Brad) I Hit Your Brad (What) I Digged Her Real Hard (Dig Her Dig Her Real Hard) Dat Girl She Love To Play Told Me That I Can Stay Call Me Her Favorite Date (Oo I Aint Know I Could Take All Eight) From That Ponit It Was On She Said Baby Come Hit It All Night Long Then Said... She Feel Just Like She Know Me Why Is That... I Wrote Her Favorite Song Which One... Man I Don't Quite Recall I Feel Like I Wrote Them All But I don't Brag About Who I Be... The Inside Of The Bullboard Talk To Me 14 Weeks Wit Marey Carey, 15 More Wit My Girl Mary, So Nigga How You Gonna Say How You Gonna Say You The Best, The Numbers Don't Lie, The Beef Is Rest, I Can Give A Fuck About My Name In Lights, I Do It For My Niggas that's Rich In Life, Shouts Out To My Homeboys Mays N Mike And When You Come Home U'll B Set For Life...