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Stay Away From Bill (Schuur Diane)

If you want a man you can love And be his one and only If you want a man who will be there And always will If this is who you're looking for The prince who's gonna show up At your door Whatever you do, stay away from Bill Stay away from Bill, he's a beast And you'll always be lonely He won't ever call, and he'll run When he's had his fill He'll put you on a pedestal That's right before he puts you Through the mill Whatever you do, stay away from Bill If you're wonderin' if there's any good in him When it comes to Bill, the answer's no He'll lie and deceive you He'll love you and leave you and oh, you'll be miserable So stay away from Bill 'Cause he's bad, and he's nothin' but trouble (He's nothin' but trouble) Stay away from Bill and be glad (Stay away from Bill) And you're gonna be fine He'll have you and hurt you And then he will desert you He'll shock you and shake you He'll rock you and he'll break you He'll chill you and thrill you He'll kill you, then he'll bill you Stay a way from Bill That boy is mine That boy is mine, that boy is mine Did you hear me, girlfriend? That boy is mine I heard you loud and clear But that boy is mine No he's not, no he's not Got to tell you one more time Girlfriend, he's mine Deedles, that boy is mine Karryn, that boy is mine Stay away from Bill Stay away from Bill