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Father & Son (Much The Same)

Hello, it's me, your only son Writing to you now because I haven't seen you in so long Even though we live in the same home You're the father that I've never known I get up each day, you're already gone Drive past your office late at night And see the light still on Why do you care more about your job Than about the family falling apart? Don't even know you Can't understand you Never stopped to think of anyone else Hello, my boy, your letter hurt me so 18 years I've worked so hard, While I missed seeing you grow I was just trying to provide for you All my efforts thrown back in my face Every morning I say a prayer for you As I lose another day making it the best for you Someday you'll wake up and you'll realize And you'll thank me for how hard I tried It's always been about you But I'm a person too I feel like giving up I've had about enough I gave up more for you Than you'll ever understand But you were never there for me When life went bad Son, I always tried to give you All the things I never had But all I ever wanted was a dad