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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Dance on a waterfall (Orange Blue)

When all your gods have shown their lust to kill and the prayers you're sending out are unanswered still when the pieces of your dreams cut you inside and the ideals of your life are bleeding dry that will be the day when you resign from all religions of our time Ref. Then you will know who I am, where we stand if you try you can walk on a rainbow dance on a waterfall when you fall when you cry you will fly you will walk on a rainbow dance on a waterfall when every light that shines had lost its glare and the dead who are celebrating in the clubs won‘t care when the bibles that you worshipt are flatterd sheets like the pages of old lifestyle magazines That‘ll be the day when you... Ref. I know there‘ll be a day when you resign and the world will be just yours and mine obliged to nothing except our own crime