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Kurupted Flesh (Flesh-N-Bone)

Ah, somebody say he shouldn't say a stuff like that (Flesh -N- Bone 5th dog style) Well, we all say a stuff like that Here,the problem is a lot of people think that God don't know what's going on in the world here Do you know some, some attention! attention!! listen attention They asked some students in a major eastern university This trues talk They asked Coastal maiden eastern university The question was Do you think that God understands raggae? And the overwhelming majority of these students said no God doesn't understand raggae There was blindness in menace [Verse 1: Kurupt] Now loom alliance Squash, splash it blast it Flame it stain it, cock it knock it Win that, dash and daz tripping with me Thing out- thing out, thing in, thing tint Thanks bang it, bang bang Flesh-Bone then got it, shoot Hoo-pound shot it, shot it Lay, sprayed it Dream of whom, roof top niggaz Fuck around un-cooked tough niggaz Execute your niggaz Turn bone shoot your niggaz Yours is silence Don't need no more violence Moving in silence, moving in silence with violent intentions No public lectures which is in him isn't entering Pistols entering Missiles split entering Hollow tips losing the gin, I loose in sneaking I've been waiting gotta give my damn Pop the world war 2 like Warren pick Took lil beat and that's all I'm taking Gotta holler at my folks Get it popping nigga From every coast hoe Mo bodies be dropping nigga To strap the chrome Pick up the microphone World to pound be it unto def-jam, east to west Flesh-N-Bone, bone, bone Nigga nigga nigga [Chorus: Flesh-N-Bone] We on a mission Get down for the course whatever man Motherfuck thing Gimme all my change Aw bang with the chain-game Come hang when you find them insane All my cheese in tea Whether put the door When they give peace to me When you see me in the street [Verse 2: Flesh-N-Bone] Me giving up struggle with the man that stares And I am the I am that label I grind, understand They pose my damn mo master plan Mo thugs my mighty clan I'm rowdy by nature Fellow G bring it in S.C.T My city falling get that G falling in Plead Carli kick it with the D.P.G Causing destruction Buckers they come rapping slugs (sshh) For show pope, po-pull up Strictly ball up and bullets buck pow buck Get them up we hanging thug swinging Just doing my thing and he also telling Never no tell him when I'm bailing No trailing him, kill him if he smells Whatever he has task steady kick Snatch you by, catch you by surprise nigga Niggaz you choose a side Got niggaz high, niggaz is excited Niggaz united, cause we taking don out We choking up burn sticky Roll with me give you, feel me Blunt sunk wreck, go with the bad ass spliff Guess who's this 60's thug cyber chill Not about all my paper Not to get in it's my family It's all of a kind naked ends And this is the way we get in So feel it, couple thugs pay the turn With the nigga clown for the door Milk for my thugs, for dog pound Niggaz be blinded Bang with the thugs that's feeling fine Called your money and let us pull it down, so laugh Any body with peace squash shoulder me, choke the mask So rap from coast to coast, keep us dog pound And thinking my thugster hit them deception rear While D.P. got serving nigga hoe [Chorus] [Verse 3: Flesh-N-Bone] Ready to shine by the time Put them in risky Better but nigga Bone when they cause But they name, Bone come out To slip it and stamp it with why'all here Roll with the dick and straight haul up Feeling him, hit him up back on, spirit feel So serving that seize fire mystic come try And they be quickly dealt with Military minded, criminal minded thugs unite Trap the lifts all of a sudden Release and feel it like how many times I note you come So what you can hear is Street got black and Mardi top Get them up get them up I'm 'nough you're 'nough From top fucking up you niggaz snuff Yes for the, yes for the [Demon voice] 5th dog for the course Whatever man Motherfuck thing [Flesh-N-Bone] Get down for the course Whatever man Motherfuck thing [Chorus] - (Till Fade)