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Wait for Something Wild (Sikth)

Sullen hours of the evening Wait, I heard a bird, it's singing your song Even though you didn't have one. I can't help but think of you Why do I bother? Are we speaking the same language? Miss communication going round & round Spinning back around. I need to know how you feel. Why don't you come back with me tonight? Think I like you Why did you come back with me tonight? Is this love, or just infatuation for you? Sleeping in my arms tonight Wait a minute I never told you how I feel Probably because I don't really understand you. Spin! Swim! Scream! (3x) When I think of you I get tired I get tired Can I let you in, let you in? Can I really trust you, I don't know? I want to fly now. Think to myself. You should say what you mean. We are now You were When you were When you were When you were When you were We are We are more We are no more I'll take her there Until she don't wanna be with me Painted flowers in the restaurant The air there wasn't clean I'm missing you, that's all I know "Lights reflect the water Wind blows quietly The Water doesn't care. It's dark and the lake is frozen Wait for something wild. The trees are dead and dried out Wait for something wild..." Do we sail? Do we try to sail? In the lake it has a beauty That in her I also see. Well I thought it was a strange world. Still do, Too many making my confusion Just where are we now? I've been dreaming of a beautiful world, Its could be someday, maybe with you. Are you an illusion? Talk with me again one day Do you ever make sense of yourself? You were always in the back of my mind Thinkin' of you I could never understand why Now I know I always want to be there for you. May not be the same as before At least I'm with you You never let me know how you feel Probably because I always confuse you. [Mikee Outro] Spin! Swim! Scream!