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Die (Slaughterhouse)

Everything you been asking for, yes, I'm about to give it to you You ain't gotta worry no more, cause I'm about to put one through you I got a bullet with your name on it, coming through the radio Sounds like I got an AK dumping straight to the radio If you trying to be target practice, you finally found a shooter Soon as I pull my gun I know someone's gonna die, die, die, die Someone's gonna die-ei-ei-ei die Tonight Nigga, this that shooter music I'm about that life so much I might go touch my rifles butt And my dick just might go up Nigga, that nostril on that rifle'll knock the snot right out you Try me and I try out ya The drum on the gun is Beta like Phi Alpha But there ain't no frat niggas in the hood be calling me Tackleberry And if he's iron, he will have him a easier time trying To put on some pads and go in and try to tackle Barry Then he go against this got damn G4 buying, Detroit lion I'm about that life so much I might go golf Trying to get me a hole-in-one, reminding me of my life when I go off Homocidal thoughts, bodies outlined in chalk by the time it's dark Dahmer signing his name on a dotted line with a bloody body part I don't give a fuck if they wilding, I got a clip full of fucking Ray Allens Selling that Sarah Palin, in broad day, a Letterman Fallon When I shoot this iron, all you hear is hooping and hollin' like (Bombs away) Bootsy Collins They shot my nigga three times, as his abdominal bled They robbed him for phenomenal bread, that domino led To other dominos fallin' in his clique, off with their heads, sick Saw him in that hospital bed, leaned away from the doctor and said They'll all be dead soon, and I'm talking before that nurse can change the IV I'm a put em in the dirt, leave em leaking rasberry flavored ice tea My G, kill him and take his I'd I'm a renegade like E-M-I-N-E-M and Ja-Y-Z Bitch it's karate, it's Mr. Miyagi mixed with Issey Miyake Smell that chopper kicking when it's lifting ya body Quick as Buggatis, then I'm hitting the Omni With a chicken licking my dick in the lobby; this New Edition, I'm Bobby Fast laner I'm speaking the truth, put 3 in the coupe, I'm a wet your head like a leak In the roof Then I'm leaving the booth for gas chamber My granny calling me a rap singer But she don't know I use my strap finger Look, this a whole nother ether Hop out, black mask, low Caesar Tell the goonies keep it low with the reefer New bodies on old heaters We ain't rapped too tight Starving, they thought Jeffrey Dahmer had appetite I'm detail, not derail Don't lay your head if you shit by it Got skeletons, but my shit private I paved the way, y'all misguided So try it, I'm a send a threat Tie her up don't end her yet Bullet go through your wife's eye now we know you ain't on the internet In my head I see amateurs, can't retain a memory All I'm left with is images With that I'm putting emphasis And in parentheses Put he's hated by large percentages And all my nemesis won't even let 'em on the premises One shot, change him for life, he'll be belligerent Even his text messages are gonna read like he's whispering Bulletproofed the hoodie for Trayvon Martin Then go to war with the cops, even they aren't pardoned