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Not Tonight (Slaughterhouse)

(StreetRunner) [Intro: Royce] Ladies and gentlemen (HEYYYY! HOOOO!) Slaughterhouse (HEYYYY!) Woo! [Chorus: Royce Da 5'9"] Slaughterhouse in the place to be, see And we got what it takes to rock the mic We gon' take it back to when niggaz was rockin right We gon' take it back, fuck with me? Not tonight (HEYYYY!) Not tonight (HOOOO!) Not tonight (HEYYYY!) Not tonight We gon' take it back to when niggaz was ah, ah, ah [Royce Da 5'9"] Nickel, uhh Round of applause for the dope boys Here's to the phenomenal quote boys Y'all don't understand this a phenomenal brand The smack goin down like cube diamond on hand Haha, if that rapper alive He probably happy just to slap me a five Homie the game ain't dead, it's just a couple key athletes died It's why I'm rappin like I have to revive (Slaughterhouse!) The mix of Magic and M.J. passion Get in the way it's gon' be tragic as M.J. passin With ears like D-R, the CPR The game'll never breathe its last breath because we are [Crooked I] The house gang, rap's holy alliance Why you so scurred? I'm only a giant I do it late night, call me Conan O'Brien And the nose on my gun look like Pinocchio lyin Last king to Scotland sippin good liquor If you're Meagan Good, I'm Forest Would-Dick-'er Oscar winner, Oscar wiener If you're flow's Aquafina, I'm Katrina Uh, y'all say that your pockets are big I'd rather say that I'm 'Pac mixed with Big You're lookin at a microphone rocker on vodka That's why I be walkin awkward, ya DIG? [Chorus] [Joe Budden] (Joey!) Look, forever had to warm him Take him to the cleaners, plastic bag on him I ain't like y'all, I don't like y'all Put him in lyrical jail with suicide thoughts kick the chair hang him from his mic cord What's the fight for? Never back down I'm on some bullshit, quick sippin Jack now Royce on Patrãn, Crook got the chron' Guess what I'm tryna say is leave them boys alone How you got hope - had nothin to prove and had nothin to lose and now we got both Celebration bitches, now we got toast But with no ratchets, Joell go 'head attack it, uh [Joell Ortiz] Real nigga, rhyme spitter, hoe bagger Boast swagger, flow dagger, hip-hop toe-tagger No slacker, I could chill but I'd so rather eat a nigga cause he's sweeter than a glass of Goldschl¤ger Poor rappers, here on y'all won't matter And I'm out braggin every interview so you mo' matter I'm the man in the booth With (A Few Good Men), and "you can't handle the truth" (no!) And y'all could say I'm nice but I'm not I'm mean, flow coke with ice in the pot The fiends gon' go broke, they dyin to cop My team is so dope you like it or not! [Chorus] [Outro: Royce] We out! Not tonight (HEYYYY!) Not tonight (HOOOO!) Not tonight (HEYYYY!) Not.. [scratch] Not tonight (HEYYYY!) Not tonight (HOOOO!) Not tonight (HEYYYY!) Not tonight, ohh! Heh heh...