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Rescue Me (Slaughterhouse)

So can you rescue me Because my ship is sinking And I'm drowning at sea So can you rescue me, from me Can you rescue me? I was losing my mind like I was trying to lose it Using my time for using, abusing my grind This is my own honest view of who I am behind this, music Ryan the whole bottle of patron Connoisseur At a point in time I thought I blew it, doing crime I would've washed a pill down with a shot of my own spinal fluid And my momma knew it, she saw especially right through it That I wasn't protected because peer pressure be like (do it) But I couldn't fight through it, the beef started The streets caught up, at least we didn't get caught up in deceased orders It's Slaughterhouse, cause Shady, me, Porter Sat down and made peace over Porterhouse and Some stupid bitch done turned my girl against me Should've tattooed the earth on my arm feel like the world's against me Soon as I paraded, here come the rain falling the name calling From the cause I never met with his hand out like I'm straight balling Feel like I knocked the 8 ball in Every time I shoot a move I literally can't call it Am I afraid of success? Let me think on it I just got nervous, let me drink on it Think I just answered yes but not on purpose I pass the church and through the Son, Father, and Holy Spirt But I'm only near it, man I need to pass the service I'm drowning cause I'm so tired of treading So Lord when you get a second please I wake up and my shirt is leaking, covered in sweat I'm dreaming of being murdered when I'm sleeping Picture a person beefing, with himself And it's even, worse when I'm drinking It hurts when I'm thinking, me versus my personal demons I'm reaching for my nine If I point it at myself will it help to quiet the demons screaming in my Mind? And if I go, to the other side Just tell my mother it was her prayers that kept her young'un thugging son Alive Plus my daughters and my butterfly, tell my son that I, love him Tell my nieces and nephews their uncle tried To take this music to the fucking peak But I'm still a drug dealer as we fucking speak, that's fucking weak Behind the tours and fanfare, hospitals and cat scans Shoulder, when they call him bipolar, happiest mad man Don't know my story, my struggle, the demons that I combat Or how I'm starin' at them waiting for eye contact, beyond that I got a soul mate that's naive, so the thought of me is prison to her Baby momma that's crazy and a ten year old who listen's to her My fam and friends think I'm the bank And the way they keep coming back you think I'd got thanked To you it's a dream, to me it's labor, these aren't monsters, these my Neighbors And you watch each others back, I guess it's favor for a favor Sometimes they even save me, when my wrist is to that razor