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Prayer (For The Youth Of Today) (Kurhaus)

Don't want to say everything was better When we were young We also wanted to have some fun But we had ideals Felt like fighting a war Say, can't you feel that anymore I don't want you to repeat The shit we did I want you to think Start thinking Go I say a prayer for the youth of today Is it sarcasm Or did you give up I hope neither of them g** please Open your eyes, say Don't you see no hope Do you see anything at all Arm yourself with knowledge Form troops of freaks Start a war Come on Go I say a prayer for the youth of today Yeah, and suddenly On a dark and dusty day Millions of them came creeping Out of their dirty holes The people shivered They had never seen the gloom in their eyes And no one dared stopping them Only half a mile away from the centre of the old weak power They formed an arrow and set themselves on fire And with 2000 miles per hour they crushed into their aim And the flames burned everything that wasn't pure Go I say a prayer for the youth of today