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Opacity (Ebony Tears)

Crying I cannot believe the world that I see Is not for me Praying please take me home I'm here all alone and slowly I fade If you could see my misery Would you believe in opacity? The hate that burns inside of me, is a furious onslaught Caused by reality 21 long years of pain is more than I can take I'm sick and tired of your moral standards This world is built on fake Cause I can see the truth, behind your every lie I swallowed them so many times that I'm almost dead inside I'm dreaming away from this world I hate I'm building my own religion Can't look back cause I'm so afraid that I will end up, just like you You might call me suicidal, but I'm not the one to blame I hate the way you look at me I'm not a part of this game If you could see the truth behind each and every lie If you could see the agony I'm building up inside Pain is my friend Life's just a game Take me away from here I push away the shades of grey that seem to be my fate I replace my joy with agony cause I survive on hate I run away from this world of pain I hide inside my mind I'm living in the opacity you left me behind Heal my wounds. Burn all my sorrow Make me smile. After tomorrow I hide, in a gloomy state of mind, take a look inside And pain is what you'll find All alone, and solitude surrounds me it feels like home Nothing can hurt me Heal my wounds Burn all my sorrow Make me smile. After tomorrow