Very First Time (Dash Roscoe)

Pa pa pa pa pa Here we go shawty in the team Are you never seen got your This number after nine. Damnnit girl you're fine And I be lying if I said I wasn't tryin to take your time I know you probably been approached a thousand times But I've seen guys who probably lied about their lies And left you hangin' out to dry. Well this ain't that type of story. My love is mandatory And if I had a price tag, very few could afford me. I'm mister call me when you horny. And I'll be there till the morning Now every sentence with my name is so exclamatory. I stand in the gas and glory she sing me a Spanish story And she ain't even spanish. How unexplanatory. She keep it wet like a storm and I drive her she ridin sports See there's a first time for everything and you deserve a felon Because shawty you a ten you ain't' got to be pretend Got my pretend She says she never tried And it'll be her very first time Her very first time Told her everything will be alright Just buckle up tight and leave the rest to me You ain't gotta worry bout a thing at all Relax girl everything will be ok I'll be the chauffer I'm the one to call Sit back, enjoy the ride, and lemme me do my thang. I'm on it. Your boyfriends been demoted I'm so potent shes so focused Notions and my hocus pocus I divide her what's the quotient? And no I'm not her man but I'm the closest Thing to her heart when I enter I'm in her like a splinter Dessert her after dinner I go sinner Than I send her to a place that she ain't' never been And now she stuntin hard like they never did