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Paradise (The Kry)

(Chorus) I kinda wanna drive Lexuses Sit back and live life high with the best of shit with a wrist full of ice in my president And a pocket full of Debbies that you can't imagine Guaranteed to make the best of it To have a yacht on a lake with water beds in it And a whole ot of women that are singin' to my shit With they hands up in the audience screamin' they want it They want T! When I was a lot younger I liked to sit up at the park & drink on St. Ides Drunk as f**k, I used to wonder why some niggas roll 64's on D's And some niggas let their khakis hang to their knees Will I end up just like one of these? Or smoke trees overseas and rock wimbley? Bring back a black Bentley full of Henessey And earl grey tea sippin' it with Naomi - And they on me! I wonder how it happened so fast To go from 33b to first class laughin' And all you hatas are hurt bad Imagine (Chorus) Before I go to sleep at night I say a prayer to the Lord above and I'm hopin' that he shows me luv 'Cause my shit be hot enough to have the world dancin' Smokin' weed on the beach in the sand and all my ladies look well in Chanel & Donna If I trip, they got my bail, so farewell your honor Ain't got no time for drama Too busy chillin' with the mamas in the Bahamas and everybody got they own bag of ganja And you can go & roll a bleezie of you wanna Ain't got to worry 'bout nobody all up on ya! (Chorus) Give me a house in Fayetteville and a blue five hundred Next door to Evander - In the tub with Michelle & Samantha And a black pet panther And you ring the doorbell, I don't answer And you can't stand it And you askin' "TQ why you act that way?" 'Cause it's too many hatas with somethin' to say I'm too busy blowin' up with my homeboy J! (Chorus - 2x)