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You're All I Need (The Kry)

why do i sway i can't face the day without You my heart drifts away but Your love remains always true as i'm sailin' away on the rivers of time Your love will carry me through the storms in my life Chorus: You're all I need when the world is closin' in my strength is runnin' thin when i'm lost in the storm You're all i need there's no need to look anywhere there's nothing that can compare to the love that You give You're all i need sometimes i wait until i can't take anymore You show me the way You help me sail back to the shore when i'm drifting away on the angry tides i cast out my anchor into the sea of Your love Repeat chorus You're all i need You're all that i want nothing in this world could give me more Repeat chorus why do i sway i can't face the day without You! all i can say You're all i need