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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Geocentric Confusion (The Contortionist)

Senseless drones will pretend to be enlightened The population is easily controlled by withheld information Foolish enough to proclaim certainty of the answers Feelings of safety overwhelm. Care for those you know, not imaginings How could we live another way? Misplaced confidence. Misplaced confidence. We've tried this on our own but look where it's gotten us What does this creator want from us? Would insignificant worship bring forth meaning? Surely this wasn't chance, there must have been a designer, And it views our progress still. The possibility of centrality gives them misplaced confidence Rules, characteristics and form then decided by the elders Preying on the weak and fearful, a safety net for your loved ones The influential sphere is created. Please do not miscalculate my tone, I speak with humility Soon you will find your confidence misplaced The answers are greater than we can imagine I know you, you're scared to be on your own, I'll always be there for you, for you.