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Wake Up Call (BulletProof Messenger)

(Verse 1) In and out of a waking dream you'll find me here, Waiting to begin Attention span of a door knob though I'll remember when, You turn me once again (Pre chorus) Nothing ever comes in my search for something So I'll spend my life just waiting for nothing (Its hard to stop, so ready or not) rep x2 Somethings gotta give in my search for nothing So ready or not here are the words that are coming (Chorus) We're so close, but so far Lookin back this never seemed so hard But we are, what we are This is a wakeup call So stay strong and hold on We can only take it for so long Just stand up and stand tall This is a wakeup call (Verse 2) Just like a time bomb looks quite so dull To an untrained eye I'm burning a fuse within, The clock is ticking as time counts down To alarm you when, my head begins to spin (Pre Chorus) (Chorus) (Bridge) Just give me a sign And show me the way Please let me stay Just one more day So stand up and stand tall This is a wakeup call (Chorus)