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Caught In The Web (No Warning)

We can't win. They're everywhere. Gotta fight back. Not on my watch, not while I'm here I'll hold on to this while I still care Turn away from the lies, embrace the anger And use it as momentum to break out faster As fas as I'm concerned, this is as fas as it goes Tired. Neglectful. Here I am, here I hate, here I go Say goodbye to the wasted time spent on other lives That are a part of mine I makes no sense - I wish I could stop I've tried before - The web has me caught Twisted minds will try to keep me off track Shifty eyes keep watch over me and await the time for attack Only to become what I've hated all along What I've fought all this time I've made my bed and it's where I lie But I'll be damned if I'm to live this fuckin life Your mirror shows you've changed Look close - that's who you are Your mirror shows you've changed Look close - You can see your pain I won't be a prisoner Release myself from life's chains What I lose in this endless fight Somewhere else I will gain