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Asking Too Much (Icons of Filth)

Angry that I may die by another’s hand Feel sick that many may die ’cos of one command They wanna fuck us all up, god-given power as a cover- up God help me No reply, it’s all a lie (their power comes from us) Chorus: GOD HELP ME. JESUS SAVE ME. PRIEST FOR- GIVE ME. LOVER SEE ME. ‘ENEMY’ LOVE ME. MOTHER FEED ME. FATHER SHOW ME. TEACHER LEARN ME. GOVERNMENT LEAVE ME... OR AM I ASKING TOO MUCH? If that day will come, then I’m told I’ll be alright Cos I’ve been taught to beg for forgiveness all my life Well, it better fucking work ’cos I hate crawling like a jerk Jesus save me Shit, I’ve been conned A respected place in the set up of the state Is a church with a man moralising others Pray or burn sisters and brothers, last rites as I die Priest forgive me Before you burn too CHORUS................. In a world so sick with hate and war There’s always someone I turn to for love and understanding Saw only each other, now die together Lover see me We blinded each other (see me for myself) CHORUS.......... As one last fling, all nations joined and began to sing Against those who’d sooner blow our dreams of peace away Far too late to save anything, time to decay ‘Enemy’ love me But we should have loved sooner (it’s not too late) Don’t do this, don’t do that, do this, do that, Eat meat and be strong like dad, cute and kept in a cage You can get used to oppression at a very early age Mother feed me Too late to grow my own (smother love) CHORUS.......... In history at school, always told of wars of past Got told to stay behind for falling asleep in class Pissed off with a blood stained system which just cannot last Teacher learn me Something useful for a change Greedy power perverted shits sitting high and mighty Dreaming of a place in history while slowly killing ‘blighty’ You always dwell on the past and our future’s just a blast Government leave me ’Cos with you there’s no future to be had CHORUS..................