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Enough Is Enough (Icons of Filth)

Authority clamps down on us all like a chainsaw Some get severed and some get cut Who really gives a shit if it's 1984? Thinks got too bad years ago and getting bad some more You can't fool me. Get stuffed. Enough is enough Are you too thick to understand That things have gotten way out of hand? At this rate it won't be too long Governments cons go on and on and on It's getting so bad now, can't hardly move Forget all your troubles and get in the groove Dance the night away, who cares anyway This sort of pathetic negativity goes on and on and on How intense have things got to get Before you can see that all is set? Will you wait til Britain's great dirty cruise missiles have already traveled many miles? Things are gonna get tough, enough is enough Boys now decide what happens over here Britain is now the 53rd American state A nuclear powered launch pad, prefixed "Great" A country run by ageing egoistic politician fucks Smashing disagreeing mouths with military rifle butts Numbing liberated brains with policeman's truncheons "Shut your fucking face...the state must function" So much for Thatcher's Victorian values Vicious brutality, oppress and abuse They piss and shit on anything they don't like You can say that I'm wrong but I know that I'm right The whole world over is in such a fucking mess Money is the main thing so sod all the rest Big business multinationals are screwing the world Draining every penny and last drops of blood out of peoples in poor nations The Coca Cola blood acting in accordance with the latest stocks and shares Businessmen, boss men, seeking. Just don't care They've detached themselves from the reality we all have to bear All they've ever done is conned us to the hilt Made us slave in their factories, the factories we have built And the products that we've grafted so hard to make We have to buy back to make great the state Sometimes I wonder how they continually get away with it Maybe we're really content to wallow in the shit Fuck all consequence, the state must still function Maybe we deserve this shit and maybe we don't Maybe the world will blow and maybe it won't But one thing I do know is that enough is enough But how many of our number are prepared to stand up? Can we offer an alternative to killing the earth? We can only but try , we can't do no worse Enough is enough. Yeah, enough is enough Now how many of our number are prepared to stand up? Cut