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Evil Speak (Icons of Filth)

Now I've got my identi-card,identi-kit existence Now you and me on the inside We struggle for resistance Think you're more than a digit in a data machine Have they so fucked your brain you find it so hard to dream Of breaking outside from the inside? I gotta use my mind I don't accept hate is all that's left in all of mankind Two minutes love, maybe you'll change your mind Fear fuels the mind fuck The consequence is grim Police control without, TV controls within The screw gets tighter and so does the grip Sub police stations are making sure of it People like ourselves are bought like whores To monitor and police our brothers and sisters So woe-betide anyone who sees a way to be free Fear of brutality kerbs any sanity Shut up. Do as you're told Get back in your mould Justice? What fucking justice? Ex-man if I step out of line Ours to do or die Not to question why the states bully boys make sure you learn the noble art of how to passively observe You dumbly sit and observe One by one To protect those who directly oppress us You wave the flag of false freedom, peace and security You force any hope to the depths of obscurity The freedom you seek to uphold is the chains at our feet Grown far too old Hurrah! Raise a big cheer We wish you all a happy new here Cuz the freedom is theirs to do as they please Til you say please on your knees Police control without, TV controls within Ours to do or die Not to question why As the world spirals forever in the bottomless pit Falling finally forever right in the shit Crazy fucks control me and you Destroying our world for something to do...crazy fucks