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One Second To Midnight (Icons of Filth)

The world’s in torment Propaganda reigns To keep us quiet ’til the fallout rains Well I ain’t gonna shut my trap ’Cos my life’s my life & I'm shouting back The world’s an asylum "We've got the most weapons" Said the eagle to the bear "Well ours are bigger, so there" Said bear "Well, let’s have a war then we’ll see who’s best" Simple, light, heat, blast, radiation, death The world’s an asylum (Chorus) The world’s an asylum & Im sitting in it’s cell Don’t feel sorry for me ’Cos you are as well Who are these people to rule us & spurn us? Who are these people to ridicule then burn us? Its their personal battle & they threaten mankind Light, heat, blast, leave me blind The world’s an asylum They’d never stop to think how we feel They’d bloody our shit & vomit & make our skins peel & turn our statures into hideous things No thanks to them & their blindness The death bells ring The world’s an asylum (Chorus) Doomsday calls & its..... One second to midnight (Midnight)