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Your Military (Icons of Filth)

There's a soldier marching down the street There's a couple more in the army jeep Their guns are loaded - ready to kill They can stuff their discipline Rank and drill You carry your gun like they do in the movies You think you're great but you're just a phoney They've got you brainwashed to think to kill You wouldn't have done it but now you will Chorus: You're military You're military You've got a uniform and stripes on your arm You're military You're military And you die like pigs in your battlefield abattoir You gouge straw men in bayonet practice Well men ain't straw and knives aren't plastic You learn to drive tanks False targets you hit But once you're in the battlefield You'll know your face don't fit But you look alright in your camouflage jacket Gun in hand, grenade in pocket Yeah!You look alright with your tommy gun Remember? You used to play with one when you were young Chorus: Now you play war with real bullets At your back theres a guy And he's gonna let you have it Now there's no asking why You signed some papers That made you a 'butt' for the enemy You've run out of luck They've made you a scapegoat to carry their dreams They think it's a game but it ends up in screams Tattered khaki in foreign mud For the world war cameras and lovers of blood Rifle with bayonet fixed by his side His 'glory' permitted But his life, denied.