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Shame On You (Gun)

Setting up your storyline Everything is wonderful Meeting like strangers Losing all direction Giving him a good time Crying on his shoulder Growing up the hard way There’s two sides to everyone Sentimental strangers There’s rhythm in her dancing feet Sleeping in the city streets Crying in the rain Got no shame Got no shame Looking for a good time Everybody wants one A land of sunshine Wild child is on the run Giving him direction Crying in the rain Acting like the crazy one Run down and helpless Two sides to every story Dancing in the sky Everybody loves a winner And I don’t know why You got no shame Got no shame Shame on you Shame on you I gave you time Acting like the crazy one Don’t you think it’s wild She’s dancing in the city streets Dancing like a child Everybody loves a winner Everybody knows When everything is wonderful Your smiling to your toes I’ll send you all a postcard Moonlight and stars You’re heading for a breakdown I wonder where you are You’re dancing in the city streets Merry Christmas son I heard it from a close friend That I’m the only one You got no shame You got no shame Shame on you you you Shame on you