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Goodnight My Love (Muldaur Maria)

Goodnight my love, the tired old moon is descending Goodnight my love, my moment with you now is ending It was so heavenly, holding you, close to me It will be heavenly to hold you again in a dream The stars above have promised to meet us tomorrow Till then my love, how dreary the new day will seem So for the present, dear, we'll have to part Sleep tight, my love, goodnight, my love Remember that you're mine sweetheart Goodnight my love, your mommy is kneeling beside you Goodnight my love, to dreamland the sandman will guide you Come now you sleepyhead, close your eyes, and go to bed My precious sleepyhead, you mustn't play peek-a-boo Goodnight my love, your little Dutch dolly is yawning Goodnight my love, your teddy bear called it a day Your doggy's fast asleep, my but he's smart Sleep tight, my love, goodnight my love