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I Need To Be Wrong Again (Sons Of The Desert)

I've been wrong and I let her down Either gone or just not around And I was wrong when I said I'd change Cause all I ever changed was her name This morning I tasted doubt As she kissed me on my way out And it took me twenty-two miles, too many years And one red light for it all to come clear Sign said 55, but I just ignore it That kiss really meant goodbye That's why I floor it I'll be a different man from here on in But I need to be wrong again If she could be in her favorite chair Just to see her face when I get there Lord, I'll change my ways if it's not too late To show her how much I care Cause I need a miracle And I don't have long Grant me the right I need to be wrong Let her be behind the bathroom door With her long hair curling Or playing in the living room With our little girl And I'll be a different man from here on in But I know she's gone Let me be wrong again I need to be wrong again Let me be wrong one more time again