I dream a gun (Skarface)

I dream a gun, to do what I want I dream a gun, to make the world turn round It will be nice, it'll be lovely To live for once in complete harmony I dream a gun, to be really free I dream a gun, to forgive misery Just imagine, if you can kill every human, who act badly. It will be cool, to get rid of a lots of guys who love to fight. Just realise, you're in your car, driving slowly, Someone shout at you, insult you, you take your gun, You shoot at him, and it's finished. Or someone else, who go before you in a queue, in a post office, Without any asking or excuses, just tell him once, Then just send him in paradise. After a while, a real short time, after a few killing, I really think everybody have understand your message : Just keep cool, act with respect, make no mess, Or you will pay for it. Oh what a dream, we should at last, leave in peace, With no fear, no problems. Everything will be so good, If the all world was like me, ruling under my law, my peaceful law One bad thinking: one dead One robbery: one kill.