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Valley Of The Impaled (Internal Suffering)

...I expect for the arrival of my beloved Fullmoon She... who inspires me for my bloody battle Against all my enemies I trace the five pointed star, The four elements symbol, the pentagram And consume my ritual I evoke the greatest NIFELHEIM deities When HECATE lays in the heavenly sky And summon my deepest thoughts in darkness While I walk through the mystic fog The Fullmoon Night is close, The night of the Impaled They shall be Impaled... They shall be Impaled... They shall be Impaled...!!! "... and with his dark dress He came down riding on his black horse, holding a fearsome mallet in his hands... Heads - smashed without taking a breath Nobody escaped - from the strength of his malevolent hatred None christian race, children, women, or elder would run away from the sacrifice Thousands - He shattered... ...their bodies would be prepared to be pierced by pointed stakes" ...In several Fullmoon nights I carried out my sacrifices. Today, they adorn the Valley of The Impaled...