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B EZ (Capone-N-Noreaga)

I heard that nigga Capone's home yo...word to Motha..that nigga Nore' doin' his mothafuckin' thing...thugged out entertainment...knowwhatI'msayin'?, niggas still in the streets...Ill Will, Braveheart nigga, there's a thin line between streets and we gotta have balance and be easy... I heard you fags wanna catch me off guard put Tecks to my heart, the death of Escobar under your breath, whispers in the dark I hear it 'cause the street ain't loyal to choose sides prepare for the beef, whoever lose dies rich and I'm thuggin' I can't trust nothin', this bitch that I'm fuckin' this clip that I'm bustin' could jam in my fist look at my hand, finger pussy with expensive rings cut coke cookies, wrote poetry and broke noses B. the voice from Heaven I'm God sent, of course a legend this is part 1, speak my sermon, the hood reverand blunted eyes red C-Class, a Hundred times Five Red CD's blast, speed fast, haters drop dead I'm gorgeous black Goddess flip the arm rest, flip the cordless her body stacks the best, ass is flawless finally the long awaited shit, ghetto people the sequel Nas, CNN, nobody's equal. Yo, Be easy keep the club off the heezy straight thugs in the back, drink creezy be easy, but we still smoke treezy see us rippin' the shows with thugged eezy. Niggas picked me the boss Ricky Ross Lex Two-Fifty Horse power, click and devour the source if it's flour then swallow your loss I cock Fours, kick in Poppi's doors all for the cash and the cause niggas break big fractions of laws so what, we got it sewn up, smack every cat on the board I speak the truth, guns spit at you, shakin' my palm it's pitiful, wavin' my wand The Don, a Hundred follow me like Farrakhan chasin' my Henny, embrace Benny's it's quite Frank, my niggas 'll kill, never waste a Penny money stay well invested feel the weight on my necklace when death is too close flip the next shit thug the game out bust biscuits, pull the Range out public enemy, QueensBridge where I hang out sweet scent of weed I wear like a fragrance my energy's kinetic, mind power type ancient. I see death through the corner, die, kingdom come Six 500's, pull up right in front of the slum Sticky green fingers soldiers of the great God Clarence spoke to the poor but he lived in Oz An ill hook like Roy Jones, I'm a street corner bastard and crush weed with the hashish Bandana head dome wrapped Caddy trucks with the grills and the chrome snaps I'm on point like Al Sharpton, come peep the M.U. marksman The S-Class is shittin' on your weak Datsun Graffiti written on the Bible, my life is wicked I see dead corpses, and Rolls Royces Put your heart on your lap, listen you hear voices My whole persona is the drama and to smoke skama I can lift it up, Willy what in front of your slut Money bustin out my pocket, your bank is stopped