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Secret Ambition (The Katinas)

Young man up on the hillside Teaching new ways Each word winning them over Each heart a kindled flame Old men watch from the outside Guarding their prey Threatened by the voice of the paragon Leading their lambs away Leading them far away Chorus: Nobody knew His secret ambition Nobody knew His claim to fame He broke the old rules steeped in tradition He tore the Holy Veil away Questioning those in powerful position Running to those who called His name (But) Nobody knew His secret ambition Was to give His life away His rage shaking the temple His word to the wise His hand healing on the seventh day His love wearing no disguise Some say Death to the radical He's way out of line Some say Praise be the miracle God sends a blessed sign A blessed sign for troubled times Chorus: No, no No, no I tell you nobody knew, Untill he gave his life away