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You Are God (The Katinas)

Creator of all things Healer of my being Through your righteousness I've been redeemed Forgiven by your grace Your joy is my strength When everything has changed You stay the same [Chorus] You are God Bright and Morning Star When I'm down you lift me up You're the Lover of my heart You are God Mender of my soul You're the rain that makes me whole You are God Ever-present help Savior of my life Everything I have belongs to you My time is in your hands My purpose is your will I know that you'll provide So I'll be still [Chorus] You are the One That delivers me It's not because of what I am But who YOU are [Chorus] You are God You're my provider When I'm down You lift me higher When I'm weak You are the fire that turns me into gold You are God Alpha, Omega Take my life Lord I surrender You're the rain that makes me whole You are God