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Cringemaker (Walter Becker)

What ever happened to my college belle When did she turn into the wife from hell Cringemaker What are we coming to Cringemaker What have they done to you In the beginning we rode high on the hog Down in the kitchen now it's dog eat dog Our little Cringemaker up on the second floor Sweet little Cringemaker Hey listen cringemaker who locked the bedroom door Sweet little Cringemaker Sweet little Cringemaker And every time I go to make my play She rolls mighty boulders in my way Say little cringemaker it's such a bumpy ride Hey little cringemaker thought you were on my side And every time I get to have my say She just laughs and looks the other way Oh little cringemaker this time you hurt my pride Sweet little cringemaker Say little cringemaker where am I gonna hide Sweet little Cringemaker Sweet little cringemaker Nobody told us when we started out Just what this life is really all about Sometimes I wonder and you do too If I could do it all over would I Still do it all over you She calls me Daddy and I just go numb Down in the bottom where the love comes from Sweet little cringemaker what happened on the way Sweet little cringemaker to where we are today I try to figure but I'm way too dumb How we got here from where we started from Cringe I guess we always knew Sweet little who we would turn into Sweet little Cringemaker