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Do You Remember The Name (Walter Becker)

Do you remember the scene Remember the scene of the crime? The scene of the crime of a love A crime of a love gone down Do you remember the time Remember the time of the year? The time of the year was the spring The year was the spring of our ruin Let's assume that some folks may be expendable The better is the enemy of the good Don't'cha ask perfection of your trophy wife Don't'cha take no chances with your trophy life, your trophy life Do you remember the one Remember the one in a million? The one in a million affair The one with the glorious prospects Do you remember the shade The shade of the sky which is burning? Black was the shade in retreat Blue was the color returning Let's imagine some guy driving a coffee truck Yet he dares to dream the impossible dream Better have some answers for your trophy wife Better not get cozy with your trophy life, your trophy life Do you remember the face The face of such graceful dimension? The one that you wore in the world It was such a lovely invention Do you remember the name Remember the name of the man? The name of the man who tried hard 'Immemorious' was his name, oh