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Downtown Canon (Walter Becker)

I cracked the code and I knew what it's all about We found the loft on Greene Street, swept that bad boy out Alsatian wine, playing records way past four Making some crazy soulful love on the hard wood floor Where did our love go? You hung the picture of young Dizzy on the wall According to me that was the best day of them all Sweet, sweet words like honey from the tongue Yes, there was magic then in every song we sung Hey, don't let 'em kid you, stay cool it'll be all right Don't trade today for tomorrow, tomorrow for tomorrow night You chop wood, carry the water, sometimes it be that way No lie, the downtown canon so wild so fresh so free Stand by the downtown canon, I say that it's got to be Chasing sensation to remind us who we are You met that half-crazed painter fool in some damn bar Cocaine dreams and chiba-chiba nights You had to share his world in shades of black and white Did'nt'cha baby? Yes, I, it's a real good theory, can you live with the day to day? Sure thing, no problemo, sometimes it be that way You go girl, it's now or never, no one holds out that long Says here in the downtown canon keep it real, it'll be okay Right here, the downtown canon, could it be any other way? Packed up the Dylan and the Man Ray and the Joyce I left a note that said, well, I guess I got no choice Excuse me, girl, while I'm kickin' it to the curb I'm leaving with all I need but less than I deserve She says, poor everybody, never mind for me and you Too bad she don't remember, too bad that I still do It all goes wrong in a hurry, you know it's the second law Writ large in the downtown canon, it goes up and it must come down Right here, the downtown canon, catch you on the turnaround