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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Bark Twice If You're In Milwaukee (Everyone Dies In Utah)

I gotta gotta secret that could bring you down that could tear you down From the throne you sit on high Yeahh And could you try to shut me down try to bring me down But I just won't die No I won't die This is what it takes For you to change Cover up your eyes Before the sense of time begins to fall To fall! It shows us how these times turn us all into the men we are This is us don't you dare turn your back on me This is the end of new beginnings You and I we're meant to be feared You will learn I'll be there on the day you fall On the day you fall! I'll watch your face hit the the ground As the weight of this world crushes you As the weight of this world crushes you This is what it takes for you to change!