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Disarm (Nizlopi)

You walked into sight It was clear that the whole of the Blitz had been dropped on to your heart All your parts Scattered to the four corners of England Blue eyes as grey as Islington I was the one who committed the crime Walking away from you when you needed me to be the one Oh my love Oh my darling Oh my love Oh my darling And every step you take takes you further away from her And your mind is all a rage with ideas About how important you are And how important this creativity is And this careerism that’s careering us Off the end of some Devonshire cliff and into the sea Like Chris Martin and that girl in ‘The Scientist’ video About relationships dieing And you and me not flying like I know we could Like I know we could You put your faith in love and a kiss upon her When your eyes were running They were running from her Put your hand in her hand And your mouth on her mouth When you were running from love you were running from her Disarm for your love Disarm for her hands Disarm for her body Disarm for this land Disarm for this feeling That wakes you in the night That wakes you up crying Feeling alive Do you wanna come home my love Do you wanna feel free my love? Do you wanna come home? Come home to my heart