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Drop Your Guard (Nizlopi)

Been in and out of love For so many years Given out so many tears That I'm washed up on the shore Seeing you and going wow The heart is broken The heart is overcome And we have spoken So many late nights Praying our hearts will find your hand Singing come down Drop your guard Come down Stop trying so hard Come down And start living again It's written everywhere I see it on your face That I am different now than I've ever been before Woken up aged twenty-seven years old And nothing more can make a difference Than this place we've found together I hold your name up high and sing it loud It's coming down again It's coming to this feeling We're in town again And I'm in love Coming more to life I really love this feeling We're together love Help me I think I'm falling Cos it's a story old I read it in the Bible Coming more to life Through the storm And this is nothing new It's the one thing I rely on When this true love is ruling Help me I think I'm falling