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Feel Inside (Nizlopi)

Well I’m calling out through this ice age The system is making our hearts cry And the call in me to not put up with it Is one I’d be a fool to deny Cos the world is all lost The poor are being destroyed The rich are in charge In a bulldozer And we’re on the edge You and me know it’s true What we gonna do Before our lives are over? What I feel inside Is not gonna let me fall down What I feel inside Is holding, is holding, is holding To the truth tonight And this holding pattern our culture’s in We all know this world is dying And the people in charge they know it too That’s why they stole Iraq’s oil and soon Iran’s too And I know we can march I Know we can proclaim The truth to power Say “it’s not in our name” Show the men who bomb Because of their fear and greed That our love for each other Is stronger than they ever believed Come back I’m so lost And my heart is an aching hole