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Flooded Quarry (Nizlopi)

Well I follow my word and I followed my heart to you And I walk these Welsh mountains going “damn Anna I'm feeling it too yeah” And you saw me coming with this bomb strapped to me With these words and feelings that really even, just blow you apart yeah And six months later we're just crying out With these deep wells in our hearts all filled up with doubt now And I'm coming down to that Italian restaurant To say it must be real, you’re the one i really want Yeah you’re bottomless with wonder oh yeah Like some Flooded Quarry I could dive into Get deeper, get fonder oh yeah Love goes deeper than the fishes into you And people write to us and tell us they love us The music is strong and Anna you feel it too, well But to tell you the truth I can't exist in this vacuum here now The right words come from loving people like you yeah You heard me crying on the telephone Why am I so weird, why am I so like “leave me alone” now And my heart is aching and I'm tired now But its your and my job here to battle out Somehow tonight show me how brave you really are, and how brave we really are You’re like a drink of water, you’re like a closeness Like a daughter in to me love, singing to you with these wishes Love goes deeper than the fishes into you